Venturina Terme esterno

Wellness holiday: relaxation and beauty in the Etruscan thermal baths

A stay in thermal Tuscany, where warm waters and dream-like architecture can be found within easy reach of the coast.


What could be better than soaking in thermal baths when you need some rest and pampering? The Etruscan Coast is a life-giving oasis of thermal baths, the benefits of which the Etruscans and Romans were very familiar. The wide range of facilities, swimming pools and wellness programmes creates a gamut of tailor-made solutions in the hills of the hinterland or right on the coast. The beneficial power of thermal waters was a pillar of Etruscan therapy: the baths were considered sanctuaries of well-being, a treasure that has not changed over time and that can be rediscovered in thermal resorts and SPAs.

Venturina Terme interno

The thermal springs of Venturina Terme

Of the many villages situated near thermal springs, Venturina Terme has been one of the most popular since ancient times. The fame of these waters developed around the healthy Crater Spring which the Romans called Aquae Populoniae and which today is the pride of the establishment and pools of the Terme di Venturina, the ideal wellness venue for those seeking the beneficial effects of thermal water. After all, in the traditions of the Etruscans, taking care of ourselves is important and a modern, professional and welcoming environment makes the experience even more pleasurable. The Venturina springs take on an unusual appearance in the large pool reflecting the sky above the Calidario Terme Etrusche, where guests benefit from the warmth of the thermal waters and restorative effect of the vapour. The wellness programme also passes through the Thermarium, where a romantic arched ceiling catches the eye as the body relaxes in this unique setting. An excellent idea is to take advantage of the proximity to the parks and nature reserves of the Val di Cornia such as the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia or the Archaeological-Mining Park of San Silvestro, where you can enjoy a walk as you take in the local history, nature and the sea.

Sassetta, the thermal baths in their wooded setting

Another wellness destination is Sassetta. Here lovers of life in synergy with natural rhythms will find their dimension at the biodynamic centre, La Cerreta, a farm immersed in the tranquillity of the woods where the holistic wellness programme blends the power of thermal waters with the goodness of products grown according to the rules of biodynamic agriculture and with the benefits of natural cosmetics. After an active day exploring the village and countryside around Sassetta, this haven offers harmony and a refuge from the bustle of daily life.

Sassetta Terme esterno

Castagneto Carducci, the magic of thalassotherapy

So intimately linked to the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Etruscan Coast doesn’t only offer thermal waters. Thalassotherapy is a complex of nourishing and stimulating practices based on the power of the sea. At Tombolo in Marina di Castagneto Carducci, relaxation blends with marine magic: the sensory journey through the swimming pools is perfect for a day of pampering as a couple. The large grotto is an almost mystical experience with the gentle, coloured lighting, warmth of the seawater and soft music that can only be heard under water creating an atmosphere where time stands still. In the candlelight, surrounded by the scent of essential oils and after a professional massage, it will be impossible not to feel completely new.

The thermal springs and spas of many hotels invite you to choose a holiday dedicated to the benefits of these waters to leave stress and routine behind and find new energy. And as on any self-respecting holiday, the tasting of typical local flavours and products is an experience of discovery often surrounded by the beauty of unique settings, such as those of the winegrower cellars where the best known wines of the area mature. The name of Bolgheri and the villages in the area remind us that the perfect stay in Tuscany can only continue with tastings and dining accompanied by great labels and bottles from small but worthy vineyards.

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