Riserva naturale Tomboli Cecina

A swim in the Mediterranean maquis, parks and nature reserves by the sea

Dip into the fragrant pine forests and Mediterranean maquis of nature reserves lining the coast. These are the green areas for swimming and unforgettable walks on the Etruscan Coast.


There are places where a swim in the blue sea can be combined with a trek in the green vegetation of the Mediterranean maquis. For those who love long walks in the countryside especially, the choice is between following paths with the whisper of the wind in the leaves or on coastal trails overlooking the waves of the sea. One fifth of the Etruscan Coast is protected by nature reserves and parks, some of which overlook beaches; a green heart that contrasts and at the same time naturally combines with the blue of the sea.

Tomboli di Cecina Pinewood

The walk in this nature reserve is one of the best known and most fascinating. A pine forest and biogenetic nature reserve accompany the 15km trail between Cecina Mare and Marina di Bibbona. Commissioned by Leopold II, Grand Duke of Tuscany in 1839, this reserve served the dual purpose of protecting agriculture in the hinterland from the saltiness and force of onshore winds and to yield vast quantities of pine kernels. Here the Mediterranean maquis meets the pine forest and the sand dunes, or “tomboli” as they are known locally, offering breathtaking views. Along the footpaths, which are all easy and suitable for families with children, you can encounter wild rabbits, foxes, weasels, porcupines, roe deer and badgers, as well as numerous bird species such as doves, green woodpeckers, hoopoes and wood pigeons, if you look closely. In addition to the marked trails for walking, jogging or cycling, there are also fitness equipment and picnic areas, with benches and tables.

Rimigliano Park in San Vincenzo

A wildlife reserve by the sea, Rimigliano Park covers an area of about 650 hectares between San Vincenzo and Baratti along the Principessa (SP 23) provincial road, with easy parking and a beautiful cycle path, which divides the alternating areas of characteristic Mediterranean maquis and sandy beach. The park includes a 6-kilometre stretch of the coastline and a larger area of mixed forest, where various species of oak have replaced much of the pine forest. In addition to the numerous entrances, a cycle path from San Vincenzo leads straight to the nature reserve.

Parco di Rimigliano San Vincenzo

Sterpaia Park in Piombino

A journey with a magical flavour, the park has many itineraries and trails, which are suitable for everyone, to discover varied and perfectly combined colours and scents from the centuries-old oaks to the sandy dunes. Sterpaia Park, Blue Flag since 2008, covers about 296 hectares, including 17 hectares along 10km of the coast around the bay between Piombino and Follonica. In 1558, the Medici family undertook the reclamation of this marshy area, which Leopold II Grand Duke of Tuscany completed two centuries later. The coast bordering the park is punctuated by series of fascinating towers, such as the renowned Torre Mozza and venturing into the forest of centuries-old oaks offers a truly unique experience. Inside the park, there are services, refreshment points, play areas, picnic areas, an infirmary and various bathing establishments.

Bolgheri Wildlife Refuge “Marquis Mario Incisa della Rocchetta” in Castagneto Carducci

The 513 hectares of the refuge contain hygrophilous forest, ponds, pine forest and waterlogged meadows and are a perfect example of the original environment of the upper Maremma. Established in 1959, the first privately owned protected area in Italy continues to provide the ideal refuge, with wetlands rich in plants, shrubs and trees, for many animal species such as deer, roe deer, hares, wild boars, herons, egrets and storks. To admire the beautiful landscape of the refuge, excursions, birdwatching and photography tours can be organised.

trekking parco costa degli etruschi

Other refuges in the Mediterranean maquis

The Macchia della Magona, behind Bibbona, is an area of 1600 hectares of forest and hosts nature and botany trails to discover the many species of flora (and fauna). The Orti-Bottagone WWF Oasis and the Punta Falcone Park in Piombino are wetlands populated by thousands of aquatic and migratory birds and offer breathtaking views.

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