Parco archeominerario di San Silvestro Campiglia



If there is a place capable of enchanting and surprising it is the Archaeology Mining Park of San Silvestro, one of the Val di Cornia Parks, situated behind Campiglia Marittima and the promontory of Piombino. The visit to the park is a journey inside and outside the Earth, in mining tunnels and along trails of historical, archaeological, geological and natural interest overlooked by the medieval village of Rocca San Silvestro. The extraction of metal ores, which began in the Etruscan era and continued until 1976, marked the development of this area, which today can be explored thanks to a wide range of guided itineraries, events, workshops and theme tours designed for the whole family.

Miniera del Temperino Parco archeominerario San Silvestro Campiglia

The first part of the guided tour takes place in the Temperino mine, discovering the evolution of mineral research and extraction techniques. Leaving the mine, in the area of Pozzo Earle is the Miners’ Museum, where photos and documents that tell stories of life in the mine and reveal the soul of this place and its people.

Treno sotterraneo Parco archeominerario San Silvestro Campiglia

The second part of the underground itinerary is truly exciting! Sitting comfortably on a narrow-gauge mine train, you can retrace the journey of minerals from extraction site to where they were processed in the Valle dei Lanzi. From here, a short walk leads to the remains of Rocca di San Silvestro, a medieval village founded at the beginning of the 11th century at the behest of the Della Gherardesca family. For over three hundred years, the Rocca hosted miners and smelters who exploited the rich deposits of copper and galena destined for the Tuscany mints of Lucca and Pisa. A visit to this exceptionally well preserved and recently restored site gives you an insight into the life and organisation of labour in a community of medieval miners.

Rocca San Silvestro parco Campiglia

You can visit park independently and according to your interests, inspired by the places, the echo of the voices of the men who worked and lived here and the beauty of the natural landscape. The options range from archaeological, mining and nature itineraries, trekking routes, guided tours and educational workshops on experimental archaeology for children and adults, to discovering life in the medieval village or exploring underground.

Mineral enthusiasts will find a real natural geological laboratory, where they can observe a vast collection of sedimentary, magmatic and metamorphic minerals and rocks. Trekking lovers can explore the luxuriant Mediterranean woodlands at their own pace by following the trail map provided at the Visitor Centre. Given the differences in height and the surface of the dirt roads and mule tracks, the trails are also suitable for bikers who are in good form. The Via delle Ferruzze winds along the line of metalliferous veins, passing between the ancient and medieval mines, open-cast quarries and the remains of the extraction wells and lowering tunnels.

A visit to the park lasts from a minimum of 2 or 3 hours to a whole day and the entrance ticket includes the service of guided tours of the various settings, which take place at the times published at the ticket office. To avoid queuing at the ticket office, tours can be booked and purchased online Enjoy a day with the unmissable archaeological and mining experience that you can end in the nearby village of Campiglia, one of the most beautiful in the area, with its fortress overlooking the Val di Cornia. Finally, one last stop in one of the many wine tasting venues along the nearby Strada del Vino della Costa degli Etruschi.