Woods and thermal baths, the treasures of Sassetta

Walk through the wild woods of the charcoal burners and have a swim surrounded by the green of the hilly landscape. These are the treasures of Sassetta.


The crystal clear sea of the Etruscan Coast isn’t the only place to enjoy a swim. Just inland from the coast, the thermal springs of Sassetta offer a wonderful alternative. Heaven on earth, among chestnut trees and centuries-old oaks, ancient vineyards and rare peace that restores body and soul.

Sassetta carbonaia

Trekking in the woods of the old charcoal burners

The forest lives around, above, below and within Sassetta. It is omnipresent in the lives of the local inhabitants and welcomes visitors with great generosity. The woods, which are mostly included in the Poggio Neri Forest Park, have are over 37 km of well-equipped paths for trekking, cycling and horse riding, enchanting panoramic viewpoints, picnic stops, ruins and buildings for drying chestnuts, small streams, clearings and spring water. Two of the trails stand out for their cultural and educational value: the Monte Bufalaio Ring (No.102), which includes a Botanical Trail and a long stretch accessible to the people with disability, and the Via del Carbone (No. 103 and No. 103a), which leads from the Rifugio dei Maiali to the Museo del Bosco. The Wood Museum is an open-air reconstruction of the life of the old charcoal burners of Sassetta, including the hut for the charcoal burner and his family, chicken coop, stone oven, chestnut dryer and all the tools needed to build the pit and extract the charcoal. Long ago, local families would live in the woods like this from April to October, finding everything they needed for their survival and livelihood in nature.

Sassetta terme

A hot spring treasure in the woods

Leaving the sea behind, you find yourself up the gentle hills in villages that are like hidden treasure troves. In these small, medieval villages perched on hillocks time passes slowly, cats fight in the alleyways and old men sit on straw chairs outside their homes, chatting with each other, playing cards and drinking wine. Sassetta is one of these villages. But it is also much more. It is a true treasure of history and culture, marble, springs of cold and hot water, skilful crop-growing and wild, enchanted forests full of life. It is the right place to find peace and introspection. The thermal baths of the Terme di Sassetta, stretched out like noble Etruscan ladies in the middle of the woods, are found along one of the most beautiful paths in the Poggio Neri Forest Park. The 51°C therapeutic waters flow naturally from an underground basin and are beneficial for the respiratory system, skin and musculo-skeletal system. A magical place, with indoor and outdoor pools, surrounded only by the beauty of the forest. The baths are situated on the farm, Podere La Cerreta, which also offers guest accommodation and uses biodynamic crop and livestock rearing techniques. A harmonious system, a single organism. A treasure in the heart of the forest and yet within easy reach of the village by any form of transport.

Sassetta cucina

A day in Sassetta

In the morning, a walk through the historic alleyways of the old village to discover the red marble sculptures; a quick lunch in a restaurant or a picnic and then an excursion into the wild, on the trail of foxes and diurnal birds of prey; a hot bath in the thermal waters followed by dining on typical dishes in the best local tradition. The secret to a perfect day in Sassetta.

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