Wines, cellars and tastings and the discovery of local flavours

Discover the home of Supertuscan wines and precious DOC appellations. Wines with an age-old tradition are left to age in the cellars of the Etruscan Coast.


Tuscany is recognised for its authentic flavours, which are all worthy of the renown they have achieved around the world. When visiting the Etruscan Coast, travelling along the roads leading through the hills and towards the sea, the geometric shapes drawn by the rows of vines are forerunners to the intense flavours of the local wines and seeking out the best winegrower cellars for a tasting offers a highly recommended alternative experience to days by sea. Vast vineyards and expanses of centuries-old olive trees are the emblems of the landscape which, in addition to offering beautiful panoramas, produces fruit that has been processed for centuries to create the best products. To discover these flavours, the consortium, “Strada del Vino e dell’Olio Costa degli Etruschi“, forms an itinerary of great historical, environmental and gastronomic appeal through the countryside. The five areas of the consortium, from the Val di Cecina and the Val di Cornia to the coast and the Island of Elba, are dotted with countless winegrower cellars offering a range of sensory experiences that include scents and flavours and descriptions of the local traditions.

vigneti bolgheri

This is where the renowned “Supertuscans” wines are produced. Inspired by ancient winemaking techniques, these wines have been developed in undoubtedly more recent times and have risen to prominence on the Italian and international wine scene very rapidly. The characteristic that most distinguishes Supertuscans is the type of grape used; international vines such as, Cabernet Sauvignon have replaced or are blended with the traditional Sangiovese.

The lovely village of Montescudaio, which offers a glimpse of the Tyrrhenian coast from its medieval walls, is home to a DOC (“controlled designation of origin”) wine that has united the vineyards in the area under the consortium “Consorzio Vino Montescudaio DOC”, to guarantee the origin and methods of production of the wine. Here, you enter the area of land originally owned by the noble Della Gherardesca family, where the vineyards are as stunning as the beautiful villages and landscape that surround them. Continuing south, the red, white and rosé wines of the Terratico di Bibbona DOC appellation offer further opportunities to enjoy tastings in the local winegrowers’ cellars.

Raccolta uva vino

\En route to Castagneto Carducci you come to Bolgheri, with its landmark avenue of cypress trees. The village is home to Sassicaia DOC, which is acknowledged as one of the best wines in the world and the precursor of the Supertuscans. Produced solely on the Tenuta San Guido estate, it is protected by the local consortium, “Consorzio per la Tutela dei Vini Bolgheri DOC” whose members produce the famous Bolgheri wines. It’s impossible to resist the temptation to stop in one of the winegrower cellars to enjoy a glass of wine and savour every nuance, especially when accompanied by a plate of local specialities.

The last great bastion of the “Strada del Vino e dell’Olio Costa degli Etruschi” is the DOC terroir of the Val di Cornia, which is studded with excellent winegrowers including those of Suvereto, home to one of the few wines in the area to boast both DOC and DOCG appellations; blending of the grapes means that the title of Supertuscan does not apply. The entire area of Riparbella also hosts excellent vineyards and cellars whose wines have received numerous awards and are ideal venues for a tasting. Three vineyards embracing the principles of biodynamics, have come together in a unique project that has given life to the “Tresoro” wine: DueMani, the Tenuta Prima Pietra estate, owned by Massimo Ferragamo and Caiarossa.

Discovering the Etruscan Coast through its flavours is a total experience. Tastings in the olive oil mills, winegrower cellars and splendid signature cellars can be combined with relaxing evenings in the thermal baths, the other great jewel in the crown of this area and year round attraction.

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