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Step by step: outdoor itineraries between the coast and the uplands

The Etruscan Coast is crossed by paths that branch off near the coast and traverse thickly wooded areas, with itineraries suitable for both family walks and more challenging feats.


Throughout the Etruscan Coast there are numerous paths and itineraries that offer lovers of trekking and outdoor activities kilometre after kilometre of pleasure in the midst of nature. The footpaths winding through this part of Tuscany – from the coasts to the parks of the hinterland and the villages nestling on the ridges of the Pisan Hills – are the best way to get in touch with the area’s history, traditions and ancient origins and, of course, with all the nature that thrives here undisturbed.

Among the woods of Castellina Marittima and Riparbella

cascata giardino scornabecchi

Itineraries for all levels of ability can be found around Castellina Marittima; short or medium, circuit or linear routes, plains or gradients of medium intensity, the area surrounding the village is ideal for family outings in the countryside or for embarking on adventures in the great outdoors. The path that crosses the “Poggi della Castellina” should not to be missed! Following the footpaths into the green heart of the woods that cover the Pisan Hills, the route crosses areas of interest, such as an old furnace and abandoned quarry (the Cava di Piero), and up to a panoramic area with limestone formations, the “Sassi Bianchi“, and a view that sweeps over the valley and the nearby wind farm. Returning to the village of Castellina Marittima, a visit to the Alabaster Ecomuseum is essential for all those fascinated by this splendid mineral.

Not far from Castellina Marittima is the village of Riparbella, surrounded by poetic vineyards and olive groves; in addition to the cultivated countryside, from which excellent products are made, there is a vast protected area, the Giardino Scornabecchi, crossed by numerous trails that are perfect for trekking. This huge wooded estate was once a hunting area closed to the public; today it is home to many animal and plant species, which live undisturbed and can occasionally be spotted by hikers. Inside there is also an adventure park, the Giardino Sospeso, with paths and activities for children and adults alike, for a day of adrenaline and fun to be spent in the trees and in safety.

A visit with tasting shouldn’t be missed to the olive oil mills and winegrower cellars that surround Riparbella and which have introduced biodynamic techniques; one such is Caiarossa, a appealing signature vineyard and cellar which, with its bright red exterior interrupts the soft tones of nature, invites you to discover their unique wines.

Around the medieval villages of Montescudaio and Guardistallo


For lovers of the outdoors and of the small Tuscan villages overlooking the valleys and where the secrets of the good food of the past are guarded, the best destinations are the gems of the hinterland like Montescudaio and Guardistallo. Here the Middle Ages left their mark on the fortifications and defences like the “Guardiola” in Montescudaio, with its sensational view making a visit even more worthwhile.

The two small villages are not far from each other and within easy walking distance. Various itineraries can be taken that are above all quite short and have a slight difference in height but which can be quite steep in places; numerous view points overlook the surrounding valleys, like the splendid Cecina Valley, are perfect for resting while contemplating the beauty of nature. Longer and more demanding but exciting routes connect the two villages to the neighbouring areas, such as Riparbella.

Absolutely not to be missed are these areas’ wholesome and authentic flavours, among which wine, extra virgin olive oil and bread stand out and are the fundamentals of the Mediterranean diet.

A land to explore

passeggiata a cavallo costa degli etruschi

Unique and inviting places can be found throughout the Etruscan Coast and can be explored thanks to an interactive map showing routes and points of interest. Along the coast, for example, the Macchia della Magona is ideal for outdoor activities. Located near Bibbona, this green oasis extends almost as far as the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and offers a large network of paths and itineraries suitable for trekking, mountain biking and horse riding.

Not far away is the hamlet of San Guido, where Sassicaia, one of the finest wines in the world, was born. The Tomboli di Cecina Biogenetic Nature Reserve extends along the entire coast between Bibbona and Rosignano; the area, which is cool and relaxing thanks to the vast pine forest, is crossed by marked footpaths and offers refreshment areas and information points where you can stop and discover the reserve and the flora and fauna that inhabit it.

The perfect conclusion of any day are the thermal baths, one of the top features of the Etruscan Coast for well-being and relaxation.

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