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When wine is art: winegrower cellars for signature tastings

The Etruscan Coast is home to a number of buildings designed by great architects, real signature winegrower cellars for out-of-the-ordinary tastings.


Tuscany, the land of many arts, has always occupied a place of honour in the production of excellent wines, renowned for their flavour and quality. The Etruscan Coast, with its variegated soils and sea breeze caressing the rows of vines, is home to unique wines, such as the Supertuscans.

Along the “Strada del Vino e dell’Olio Costa degli Etruschi”, which passes through the countryside and villages, there are numerous vineyards where you can stop and taste the local wines, especially the famous Sassicaia. Some of these vineyards stand not only for their wine but also because of the architecture of their facilities. These signature winegrower cellars, designed by famous names to house great wines live in synergy with the landscape and offer, as a worthy alternative to activities such as trekking, sunbathing and visiting museums, wine tasting in a combination of flavours and art.

Vitigni Castagneto Carducci

Ca’ Marcanda, the invisible wine cellar

It may not be easy to spot the Ca’ Marcanda wine cellars as you approach. The building, located in the Bolgheri countryside, bears the signature of the architect Giovanni Bo and is mainly underground whereas at ground level it is surrounded and protected by vegetation.

The coexistence of brown and pale landscapes sustain grape types that blend well to form eclectic wines, both IGT Toscana and Bolgheri DOC for the more intense reds, that are appreciated all over the world.

Campo alla Sughera, a family passion

The warm and welcoming aspect created by the winemaker and designer Girolamo Michelin invites you to take the white road flanking the vines and enter the vineyard.

The close link with natural processes is underlined by the layout of the building on three levels, which exploits the force of gravity to move the grapes towards the lower floors, the last of which is ten meters deep.

A tasting tour in this cellar is perfect for those who want to discover the excellent wines produced here, all belonging to the Bolgheri DOC and Bolgheri DOC Superiore appellations.

Tenuta Argentiera, sea views in the land of silver

The large estate, on the site of the old silver mines from which it takes its name, is just a few kilometres from the sea at Donoratico.

In carefully protected underground cellars designed by the architect Bernardo Tori, rest the Bolgheri DOC wines, which are also made thanks to the force of gravity alone, without machinery of any kind.

The best way to enjoy the wines of Tenuta Argentiera is on a guided tour of the vineyards and then to savour the fruits of the estate’s labour on the splendid terrace that looks out towards the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Cantina Petra, the equilibrium of forms

The harmonious, solid building of Cantina Petra, set among the rows of vines that typify the Suvereto countryside, bears the signature of Mario Botta.

Visitors – on tours of three possible durations – can explore the grounds and interiors, where style is combined with efficiency to produce signature wines, the fruit of passion for this area and way of life.

Together with the wines, significant yields of prized olive oil feature in wholesome and engaging tasting events.

The entire area of the Etruscan Coast is dotted with wine cellars where you can stop for a tasting, such as Caiarossa in Riparbella, with its bright red building, the work of Isabella Monteforte, standing out amid the vineyards.

Even though many vineyards don’t bear the signatures of big names, they still have outstanding visual appeal and are ideal for experiencing flavours before ending with a flourish in the relaxing thermal waters of the best wellness centres.

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