One of the longest and most beautiful pine forests in Italy is located here, along the northern stretch of the Etruscan Coast. A green lung overlooking the beach where you can regenerate yourself amid the scents of the Mediterranean maquis and the song of cicadas, enjoy sports and take long walks shaded from the summer sun. The forest of domestic pine with some Aleppo pine, maritime pine and holm oak, is part of the Tomboli di Cecina Nature Reserve, which is 15 km in length and divided into two areas to the north and south of the mouth of the Cecina river.

The flat landscape stretching for about 600 metres towards the hills, is interrupted by streams and by the long bars of dunes, “tomboli”, covered with dense vegetation. An extraordinary environment that changes according to the morphology of the territory. The first sandy strip, partly covered by halophytic herbaceous vegetation, is followed by the low maquis characterised by the prickly juniper and the savin juniper, which gives way to the high maquis holm oak and then to the pine forest. The ecosystem of the reserve offers a habitat to and favours the reproduction of numerous animal species. Mammals include wild rabbits, squirrels, foxes, weasels, hedgehogs and, mainly on the Southern Tombolo, the porcupine. Roe deer also appear sporadically. There are many species of birds some summering and nesting, others wintering. Equally abundant is the insect fauna, in particular butterflies and moths and beetles. Reptiles (water snake, four-lined snake, green whip snake) and amphibians are also quite widespread.

The Southern Tombolo, the stretch between Marina di Cecina and Marina di Bibbona, is of greater nature and tourism significance. It was here that, in 1839, the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Leopoldo, planted a pine forest at his own expense in order to shield the agricultural crops inland from the salt and force of the onshore winds. Thanks to this far-sightedness, today it is possible to enjoy the wonderful forest on foot, by bicycle or on horseback along the 5 kilometre-long wide path.

Close to the Marina di Cecina entrance, there is a plantation with a short educational trail illustrating the various tree species. The pine forest is a succession of passages that open towards the free beach, small bridges over streams flowing towards the sea, marked paths that intertwine and enter the dense vegetation, a fitness trail with fixed equipment, pic-nic areas with tables, wooden benches and a water fountain. Also near the Marina di Cecina entrance is the information point with 2 visual-tactile maps illustrating the 600 metre-long “Nature for all” trail, which is fitted with a continuous handrail designed for people with disabilities.