Macchia della Magona Bibbona area attrezzata



A short distance from the beaches of Bibbona, just behind the town, there is a vast nature reserve where approximately 50 km of intertwining itineraries can be enjoyed on foot, on horseback or by mountain bike from the plain to the hill. The forests of Macchia della Magona have great natural value and are frequented not only by nature and sport enthusiasts, residents and tourists alike, but also by hunters and, in keeping with the local charcoal burner traditions, woodcutters. During the Grand Ducal period the forest area was a source and store of firewood for smelting at the Reale Magona di Cecina ironworks and hence its name. Traces of these traditions remain along the paths that lead into the woods, where the remains of a number of charcoal pits used for making charcoal are still visible.

The vegetation, largely characterised by the Mediterranean maquis, belongs to the Regional Agricultural Forestry Heritage of Tuscany and extends for about 1636 hectares, where there are holm oaks, oaks and shrub and arboreal plants, such as strawberry trees, myrtle, broom, heather, cistus, juniper and laurel, which, in the most humid places, grow to several meters in height. La Macchia houses an experimental arboretum (Biogenetic Nature Reserve) comprising plants typical to the Mediterranean environment such as pine, cypress and several types of cedar. The undergrowth, with an abundance of floral varieties, mushrooms and ferns, is the ideal habitat for many animal species such as wild boars, roe deer, fallow deer, hares, foxes, porcupines, squirrels, badgers, hedgehogs and even small tree mice such as dormice. Migratory birds such as woodcocks, wood pigeons, buzzards, and several species of passerines also stop off here.

Cascata Mulino Vecchio Macchia della Magona Bibbona

In the regional state-owned park there is a capillary network of 16 nature trails, which are shown the map provided by the local tourist office (Proloco) and also available at the Tourist Offices of the Municipality of Bibbona. The trails, which cross the entire forest, lead to spectacular viewpoints, including the Belvedere of Poggio Cavaliere and the Passo delle Golazze Aperte. The area is ideal for truly enjoying nature and is accessible to everyone, including those with walking difficulties. Highly recommended is the Mulino Vecchio, in the locality of Botro di Campo di Sasso; upstream of the mill is the stone barrier that had the task of forming the mill race that conveyed the water inside a tank is easily recognisable. Traces of a sluice gate used to regulate the flow of water are still visible today. The Mill is on three levels and the small waterfall, active all year round, makes this a fascinating place to visit.

Tiro con l'arco Macchia della Magona Bibbona

La Magona also offers the opportunity to try the ancient art of archery, a non-competitive discipline using traditional bows and wooden arrows. The archery field with numerous targets is used both for beginners’ courses for children and during archery events, such as the fascinating, annual midsummer ‘Night of the snake’ competition, when participants take aim at fluorescent targets.