The beaches of Piombino



A sea of bright colours that fade from emerald green into the intense blue of the horizon, with clear waters full of marine life and long beaches broken by headlands, inlets and little bays. Almost 90 kilometres of land washed by the sea that extends from Castiglioncello, immediately after Livorno, to Piombino, offering a varied coastal landscape, awarded in several sections with the Blue Flag recognition for the quality of water and tourist services.

Cliffs alternate with wide beaches of fine sand, enchanting bays and villages overlooking the waves, embraced by the salty sea breeze. Stretches of coast with wide, un-crowded, public beaches offer great variety for a totalling relaxing holiday.

The sea along the Etruscan Coast has countless aspects, from reassuring sandy dunes, perfect for families, to the more rugged and rocky spots for those who love sport or the small bays of gravel and rocks. Behind the Mediterranean maquis, with protected natural areas, densely wooded land and the countryside offer a wealth of colour and fragrance in every season.

Gazing out towards the islands, body and mind regenerate in contact with nature. Here there is everything you need to experience moments of well-being in an authentic and welcoming environment; this is the Tuscany where the land meets the sea.



The first stretch of the Etruscan Coast below Livorno is characterised by enchanting pebble coves that plunge into the rocky depths, a much loved destination for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. Between Castiglioncello and the Baia del Quercetano, Rosignano and Vada, sand and rocks alternate to create the perfect combination for those looking for sheltered coves, transparent waters and the opportunity to practice water sports.



The Cecina coast, a line of sand with numerous tourist services, interspersed with stretches of free beaches, is ideal for relaxing or sports such as surfing and windsurfing. The Tomboli di Cecina Nature Reserve with one of the most beautiful pine forests in Italy extends for more than 5 km up to Marina di Bibbona. Here the beach is sandy, with typical isthmuses of Mediterranean maquis and characteristic dunes.



On the coast of the municipality of Castagneto Carducci, near to Donoratico, the large beach, sheltered by a shady pine forest, is perfect for families and suitable for anyone seeking relaxation in the cool of the thick Mediterranean vegetation.



In the stretch between San Vincenzo and Piombino and extending towards Follonica, there is the sheltered sandy coastline of the Val di Cornia, the green landscape behind the bays and promontories overlooking the island of Elba.

San Vincenzo is the ideal destination for family holidays, with bathing establishments and beaches of fine sand. Close by, the Rimigliano Coastal Park begins; this green 6 kilometre stretch overlooking the sea, with golden sand dunes and vegetation shaped by sea breezes, has an abundance of plant and animal species typical of the area.

At the Golfo di Baratti, the crystalline sea, history and wild nature meet in a perfect union. The sand of the free beach is darker in colour because of the ferrous component left over from the iron working of the Etruscans, who founded a port here, one of the most important settlements in Tuscany. The bay is surrounded by pine forests and overlooks a real open-air museum: below, the necropolis, now part of the Baratti and Populonia Archaeological Park, and above, the acropolis where, on clear days, there are views across to the island of Elba and Corsica.

Starting from Baratti, the waters of the Piombino promontory lap small rocky inlets, pebble and rocky beaches and enchanting bays surrounded by vegetation, such as Buca delle Fate or Calamoresca. A little further south is the Sterpaia Coastal Park, a protected area with a long beach of pale, fine sand that slopes very gently towards the sea, making it ideal for children to play safely. The beach, mostly free of charge, can be reached from the car parks along a number of paths through the pine forest and offers numerous services for tourists in the park.