The beaches of Cecina Mare

Le Gorette

Dark sand and pebble beach, with steeply inclined seabed, interspersed and protected by cliffs perpendicular to the coast. Along the stretch there are various bathing establishments, with the possibility of renting equipment for water sports, and large sections of free beach. There is also a beach dedicated to dogs, partly equipped and partly free. Gorette beach is accessed from the pine forest known as Tombolo Nord, close to which there are three large car parks. In addition to the bathing establishments, the free beach is also equipped with points of access for the disabled.

Bau Beach Le Gorette

Beach with a dog-friendly area. The dog beach by the new trench has no facilities.

Cecina Mare beach

Wide beach of dark sand, near the pedestrian promenade of Cecina Mare. The stretch of town beach features numerous equipped bathing establishments, interspersed with stretches of free beach. In addition to the bathing establishments, the free beaches are also equipped for access for the disabled.

Tombolo Sud beach

Dark sand beach over two kilometres long, adjacent to the pine forest of the Tomboli Biogenetic Reserve, which can be accessed along numerous easy paths, both on foot and by bicycle and suitable for families, through the beautiful vegetation. The beach has no services and is free to use; south of the town there is a free beach for dogs.