May I introduce myself to you?
I’m Bobbe, an elderly man.
I’ll tell you, in rhyme,
what I know is true of our beautiful town and land.

A cluster of houses, like a hug from a friend, Guardistallo winks at the sea
The Keep of Volterra stands to defend; all yearn for the horizon to see.

Along the gentle, winding way there, the Val Serena Cloister you’ll meet.
The skillful nuns work long to prepare, tasty delights you’ll desire to eat.

Make your way toward the center of town, The Civic Tower chimes with each hour; At lunchtime – the best, hands down, tempting smells flood the streets, nay… devour!

Follow the tempting aromas and smells, a full culinary surrender awaits. In the homes of these grand hills and dells, Crogiantina and polenta fill plates.

Walking leisurely ‘round the village, and through, find ancient treasures your interest to spark; the Marchionneschi Theater, churches – two, head of the Manzù, the Castle, Peace Park.

From Elio Toaff Park, so peaceful, your gaze hovers from coast to the heights.
Even remaining trapped – it is blissful, and in this endless beauty delights.

As I told you before, I am Bobbe.
I’ll never leave this town I embrace;
I am pleased to have told you this story,
And invite you to come to this place.



Guardistallo has been populated since prehistory, but its name derives from the Germanic words warda (guard) and stall (place), a guard place (or guard post) that is well suited to the village gathered on a green hill. After the Lombard period, the dissolution of the feudal system and the redistribution of land led to the rise of a new class of prosperous landowners. The construction of Villa Elena dates back to 1870. It was the home of the wealthy Marchionneschi family who, after a few years, built the theatre of the same name.

After a long restoration, the theatre was reopened in 1990 and has since been a cultural reference point for the community. Just a few kilometres from the sea, Guardistallo off ers itself to those who seek the peace of a green landscape and to those seeking the pleasure of discovering the taste of ancient and genuine flavors. Even the festivals highlight the quality of local products: in Crogiantina, olive oil is eaten raw with bread. The contemplative nuns of the Val Serena Convent also take care of the territory with their handiwork: they produce and sell a series of products based on natural essences. Finally, Guardistallo is famous as the village of the thousand nativity scenes: made with traditional or unusual materials and which are displayed even on windowsills and balconies.


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