San Vincenzo



They call me the Sailor because I stand at this sea port and watch the waves that reach out for my feet, again and again as in life, like endless jazz. I came into the world under a blue and white striped beach umbrella. My father was a crusty and sweet crab; my mother a pale pink starfish. I was born in this place, between the shore, the waves, and the wind that always blows; a light breeze or a strong gale. The salt and the sun dilute one’s thoughts and make them slow to emerge, as the gradual draining of water from the ears. The sand, like a shimmering gold paste, creeps in between the toes and under the skin, until it breads the soul.

On Sunday mornings, through the streets of town, among the quays, the shops, and the chiming bells of the Mother Church, the delicious smells of grilled fish and fried delicacies arise and spread in the salty air. Windows white-washed with salt, walls baked yellow by the sun, and above and below the azure blue of the powerful Mistral.

Come and see where I was born.

Walk along the path that leads you to me. Sit down at my feet, together we will gaze at the sea and I will listen to your thoughts. Then, before saying goodbye, touch the lucky little fish that swims in my pool and make a wish. In return, I’ll follow you motionless so that your wish will come true. I’ll let you go, because I know that you’ll return.

Greetings from the Sailor, greetings from San Vincenzo.



San Vincenzo takes its name from one of its coastal towers built as a defense against pirates. The fi rst inhabited village center began around this tower. However, the town itself developed in the second half of the 1800’s thanks to the construction of the Mother Church and the railway. In a few decades, the village flourished as a seaside resort, also hosting special vacationers like Luigi Pirandello.

Today San Vincenzo is considered an excellent tourist destination. This is due to the natural beauty of its coastline and its varied off erings: fully-equipped bathing establishments, free beaches of the Rimigliano Park, the barrier-free Green Beach, and Dog Beach; among the best beaches in Italy for canines. But what is unique about this town, whose streets are named after the sea and the fi shing families, is its openness to travelers.

Everything is easily accessible. The town center is nestled between the train station and the port, and right from the marina begins the picturesque walk on the promenade that ends with the imposing statue of the Sailor. The sea is everywhere, especially in the kitchen. Tourists can’t help but taste the delicious dishes based on the catch of the day: crustaceans, octopus, Atlantic Bonito and Mediterranean Blue Fish, often fried and always accompanied by the excellent wines of the Etruscan Coast.




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