My name is Decio Albino Cecina and I am a senator of Rome. I descend from the noble Etruscan family Caecina, and from me this city takes its name. My villa was on the knoll of fig trees, which today is called San Vincenzino and which has become the Parco Archeologico. The largest underground cistern belonged to me. My statues and ceramics were discovered by Leonetto Cipriani in 1800. Claudio Rutilio Namaziano also wrote of my riches after admiring them during his stay here as my guest on his return to Gaul.

So it all began with me, then, but this city grew and became great on its own with grand buildings, palaces, and squares, and great historical figures. One of these stood out above all: Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi, distinguished scholar of the Risorgimento, a political enthusiast, and agitator of consciences. He was from Livorno, it is true, but his destiny was inextricably linked to Cecina. He, with his patriotic anxieties and his aversion to moderatism, was, according to Giosuè Carducci, the “last survivor of the illustrious Tuscans”. I have given my name to this city, as I said, but I take no other credit: its sea has always been pristine, the pine forests are green spaces in which to run, play, and enjoy unhurried recreation. And, commercial activities flourish thanks to this vital and vibrant people.

My name is Decio Albino Cecina and I am a senator from Rome, but I chose to live here, and I would choose it again.




 An area inhabited since antiquity, it owes its name to the “Cecina”, a powerful people of Etruscan origin involved in the political life of Rome. In the Archaeological Park of San Vincenzino there are the remains of the Roman villa that Albino Cecina built. In the Archaeological Museum, finds of extraordinary interest retrace the history of the territory. The fall of the Roman Empire caused the depopulation of the area and only its reclamation will determine its rebirth and future state.

Today, Cecina is a prosperous and lively town, known for its shops with a wide range of quality products and with a particular commercial vocation: more than 100 have been in business for more than 40 years. The weekly market is one of the largest in Tuscany. Continuing towards the coast, Marina di Cecina is a welcoming and well-equipped resort town, with a Blue Flag sea and among the top five beaches in Italy for disabled access.

Long strands of dunes with dense vegetation push towards the interior: the biogenetic natural reserve of the Tomboli of Cecina is one of the most beautiful Italian forests with fifteen kilometers of protected area with unique and distinctive vegetation; numerous trails make it an ideal place for sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts.



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