I am a wrinkle.

Not one that lines the face, but a wrinkle of the village. It’s what they call us here, ancient alleys of the old town. Wrinkles like furrows of time on this knoll, beautiful and mysterious. We wrinkles know everything about Bibbona, and what we cannot see, because the cobblestone keeps us on the ground, the wind tells us. It is he who brings us each and every day the salty scent and the story of the continual motion of the sea; it is he who speaks to us of the panorama that you can admire from the Torre della Rocca, of the ancient and proud Forte di Marina, and boasts of the great beaches loved by bathers, of the countryside adorned with olive trees and sea buckthorn, of the arm of the Gabbani that men now call The California. He sees all of this before coming to fi nd me, and blows across the sublime vineyards, on the windmill, on the strawberry trees and the heather of the Parco della Magona. But when he arrives, he wants to hear our stories, too, and asks us of the mysteries of this place. He asks us of the Templars and of the Pieve di Sant’Ilario; he asks us of the Etruscans who lived here; he asks us of Leonardo da Vinci and of the Chiesa di Santa Maria della Pietà. “Terribilis est locus iste” [This place is terrible], reads the Latin inscription on the door of the church, but don’t you believe it: this is a place full of wonders. Trust me, a wrinkle, a small alley witness to time. And trust the wind, that for centuries returns to visit each day.



Nestled on a low hill, Bibbona has the structure of an ancient inhabited fortress. The historic town center with its maze of narrow streets and cobblestone squares, winds within the perimeter of the ancient castle. The religious architecture preserves beautiful marble furnishings and paintings. Numerous folk events, such as the Palio delle Botti, attract visitors. Bibbona is an ideal destination for cycling tourism; here, the Gran Fondo of the Etruscans takes place. The Wine Road itself provides a bicycle route through the DOC territory of the Terratico of Bibbona. On the coast, a defensive fort has seen over time the development of the seaside resort of Marina di Bibbona. The fine sand beaches, shaped by dunes and sand bars, are protected by a splendid pine forest, and are bathed by a crystal clear sea awarded the Blue Flags and Sails of Legambiente. It is the perfect destination for a relaxing holiday, for those who love nature and sport, with rich tourist off erings. The Magona is a vast protected natural area: sixteen well-marked trails allow you to discover it by walking, cycling, or on horseback. It is not uncommon to encounter charcoal burners as the location was an important reserve of timber for the Magona ironworks of Cecina.



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