Parco costiero della Sterpaia spiaggia



The Sterpaia Coastal Park is an enchanted domain where you enter a wood of centuries-old oaks and later discover, beyond the dunes, the beauty of the sea. One glance is enough to lose yourself in the crystalline shimmer of the water that bathes a beach of fine pale sand bordered by a shady pine forest. This stretch of coastline of approximately 8 kilometres between Piombino and Follonica, slopes gently towards the sea and is punctuated by 3 towers facing the horizon. Torre Mozza, Torre del Sale and Carbonifera were built at different times for sighting, customs and health surveillance and trade respectively.

The Park is one of the Val di Cornia Parks and covers an area of about 300 hectares, with access points to the beach along the road between Piombino and Riotorto and parking areas. Beyond the thick Mediterranean vegetation there is an area of dunes and back dunes dominated by tamarisk and salicornia and populated by various species of migratory birds which here, as in the nearby Padule di Orti-Bottagone Wildlife Refuge, find an important place for resting, wintering and nesting. The free beach of golden sand offers facilities such as refreshment points, toilets and showers, which are also accessible for the disabled, beach establishments, spaces equipped for games and picnic areas.

This beautiful stretch of coast guarantees contact with nature and is a stone’s throw from a cool pine forest, where, lulled by the sound of cicadas, you can enjoy the shade on sultry summer days or take your dog for a walk. The large free beach guarantees space and relaxation and, thanks to the shallow water, children can play here safely. All the beach establishments in the area have been built to give full accessibility for the disabled, with special walkways to the sea, shaded platforms with facilities and accessible toilets.