Bosco Riserva Forestale Poggio Neri Sassetta



The village of Sassetta is a small group of houses perched on a spur of rock but its surrounding territory extends for over 26 square kilometres and is 85% woodland. Mediterranean maquis and extensive forest of mostly large chestnut groves at a height of over 350 metres above sea level. The Poggio Neri Forest Park, one of the Val di Cornia Parks, occupies most of the wooded area with 700 hectares of forest.

In the park there are over 37 km of trails for walking, trekking, horseback riding and cycling. Along the paths there are picnic stops, buildings for drying chestnuts, shelters, ruins, charcoal clearings, bivouac stalls and breathtaking viewpoints. One of the most beautiful is the path around Monte Bufalaio, which crosses the Botanical Trail, the disused marble quarries and leads to a viewpoint over the old village of Sassetta, a climb dotted with sculptures in native red marble.

Carbonaia bosco Riserva Forestale Poggio Neri Sassetta

Not far away, another path leads to the Wood Museum where there is a reconstruction of the life of the old Sassetan charcoal burners with the tools of their trade and their hut, chicken coop, chestnut dryer and wood-burning oven. Memories of a disappearing civilisation. Several itineraries are well connected to the trekking paths of San Vincenzo, Castagneto Carducci, Monteverdi Marittimo and Suvereto. But not only that: the Cammino dei Tirreni Trail between Livorno and Campiglia Marittima, and  the Percorso In Etruria, the trail of the Etruscans from Volterra to Piombino, both cross the Park.

The Sassetta Woodland has an abundance of plant and animal life. Among the holm oaks, flowering ash, Austrian oak and chestnut trees, it is not uncommon to encounter wild animals, such as foxes, badgers, weasels, porcupines and wild boars. And then the fascinating diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey, including buzzards, hawks, tawny owls and barn owls. The wolf also lives here, but meeting him is almost impossible because he is a very shy animal.

The Poggio Neri Park reserves a number of surprises, including many of the most prestigious holiday farmhouses in the area and the impressive thermal baths, Terme di Sassetta. Completely surrounded by woodland, the baths have been built on Roman and Etruscan models. The water gushes out at 50 degrees and is beneficial for the skin and the respiratory tract. The facility is part of a biodynamic farm that advances local agricultural excellence, such as ancient vines and grains, with crops developed in harmony with nature. Paradise in the heart of the forest.