Windsurf Costa degli Etruschi

Wind- and kite- surfing and SUP on the Etruscan Coast

The splendid coast is offers plenty of spots for beginners and experts to harness the power of the wind and the waves all day long.


Crystal clear waters bathe the abundance of golden beaches, beautiful coves and steep cliffs. For many, all this is synonymous not only with beauty, but also with fun and a rush of adrenaline. The shoreline of the Etruscan Coast, shaped by the elements and offering numerous venues and schools for surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and SUP is the ideal destination for lovers of water boardsports. Each to their own board! The many schools help beginners discover these sports in complete safety.

Starting from the northernmost strip of the rocky, jagged Etruscan Coast, the first surfing destination is Castiglioncello. The small bay of Quercetano, the main beach of this beautiful seaside village, is frequented by surfers all year round because of the shape and particular characteristics of the inlet. The waves, on average one and a half meters high on normal days, are also suitable for beginners, who can join one of the courses offered by the numerous schools in the area. It is also very popular with SUP lovers for excursions in the splendid setting of the bay with its crystal clear waters and cliffs that embrace the beach. The nearby beach of Garagolo and Lo Scoglietto di Rosignano are what the more experienced surfers are looking for, with powerful waves and guaranteed fun. Off the coast of Rosignano, specialised schools offer sailing courses; this sport is ideal for experiencing the spirit of the area, where sailing boats are especially appreciated and where competitions, regattas and other sailing events are a frequent occurrence.

Sport acquatici windsurf sup Costa degli Etruschi

Further south, the cliffs give way to wide expanses of the famous fine, white sandy beaches between Rosignano Solvay and Vada. This four-kilometre-long sandy coastline, bathed by the amazing colours of the sea, offers optimal wind conditions all year round and is a paradise for kitesurfers and windsurfers.

The whole Vada and Cecina coastline is punctuated by beaches that are well known to enthusiasts. Between Gorette and Andalù, for example, it is common to see dozens upon dozens of surfers of all ages meet to challenge the power of the sea. It is possible to embark on aquatic adventures – surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, SUP, Wingfoil – at any level in the sea off this stretch of coast, where there are various schools offering introductory courses and equipment rental. A little further south, the dunes of Fossa Camilla in Marina di Bibbona are also animated by the to and fro of surfboards, kites and windsurfing boards and SUPs.

The charming, medieval village of Castagneto Carducci has a maritime soul and worships boardsports! The waves that form on the beautiful beach of Marina di Castagneto Carducci are ideal for learning to surf under the guidance of local schools that offer courses for surfing, swimming and SUP. Strong winds and flat seas, the area is influenced by southerly winds which create the perfect environment for freestyle kitesurfing and windsurfing. Three other popular places follow one another a little further south along the coast at Donoratico.

The long, sandy beaches of the renowned seaside resort of San Vincenzo, offer open spaces for water sports and the opportunity to try out new trends such as skimboarding, wake surfing and wake boarding, as well as less strenuous activity on SUPs or canoeing. The three schools, Tutun Club, TNT Surf and Vag Surf, along with others, take advantage of the good exposure to the wind and offer courses and rental equipment throughout the year. Punta Francesi and Botro Marmi are two of the most popular spots for those looking for perfect wave days.

Sport acquatici Costa degli Etruschi

From north to south on the Etruscan Coast, soul surfers and water sports enthusiasts thrive. Towards the southern end, around Piombino, there are numerous spots and schools. After a day of surfing and sea air on the Salivoli beach break with its sandy seabed, to be tackled by surfers who are at least intermediate level, head to the Sterpaia Coastal Park to enjoy the sunset with a mojito and the music playing in the background.

The Sterpaia Coastal Park, like the entire Etruscan Coast, is dotted with kiosks, bars and restaurants by the sea, where you can relax and enjoy the local speciality fish stew, “cacciucco”, after an adventurous day in the surf.

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