Rocca San Silvestro Campiglia Marittima

Archaeology experience at San Silvestro Park

A stroll in nature and mining history in the heart of the Metalliferous Hills, discovering Campiglia Marittima and the Archaeological-Mining Park of San Silvestro.


A gem emerges from the green countryside of the Val di Cornia, Campiglia Marittima, the delightful, medieval village and pride of the villages that dot the Etruscan Coast. Situated on a hill overlooking the surrounding valleys and the Tyrrhenian Sea, the village lies within the geographical area of the Metalliferous Hills, renowned for mineral resources, which have been exploited since ancient times. Campiglia Marittima is an exquisite, well-preserved medieval village. However its origins date back centuries, as numerous archaeological finds from the Etruscan and Roman civilisations reveal.

The mining of metal ores, which was also undertaken by these ancient peoples, has long been a profitable activity in the area, the history of which is preserved in the 450 hectares of countryside in the Archaeological-Mining Park of San Silvestro, where history, archaeology and geology merge. Located close to Campiglia Marittima, the park is within easy reach along a pleasant footpath leading from the Rocca di Campiglia and is a protected area of local interest with prized natural landscapes and beautiful views as far as the coast. A network of excursion and educational itineraries covers the Archaeological-Mining Park of San Silvestro, which protects and promotes the medieval castle, Rocca di San Silvestro, the mines and the memory of the hard work of the miners. Once through the entrance, tours can begin with the Museum of Archaeology and Minerals and proceed in the company of a guide, who will reveal the history and secrets of the park, to the Temperino Mine and Pozzo Earle, the site of the Museums of Mining Machinery and Miners.

Parco archeominerario San Silvestro trenino giallo

But the most exciting part is yet to come. The little yellow train, much appreciated by children, takes visitors into Lanzi-Temperino gallery deep in the bowels of the mountain to get a close-up view of the hard life of the miners. The underground journey takes approximately 20 minutes; on leaving the mine there is a wonderful view of the beautiful landscapes of the Etruscan Coast and the remains of the Rocca di San Silvestro, a medieval settlement built to mine the lead, copper and silver deposits, which is within easy walking distance from the terminus of the little train ride. From the fortress, perched on Mount Rombolo to dominate the valley, you can see the Tower of San Vincenzo and the Rocca di Campiglia. A day out for the whole family in the countryside and its geological and mining history, enhanced by the numerous educational activities organised by the park and the backdrop of Campiglia Marittima.

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