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Effetto Venezia 2022

Venice Effect: an event now linked to the history of its neighborhood and of the whole city of Livorno.

Established in 1986 on the initiative of the Livorno Municipal Administration, Effetto Venezia is today one of the most popular events on the Tuscan summer scene.

Since then, the festival has grown in every respect, accentuating its spectacular contents from year to year and involving the Venezia Nuova district, one of the most characteristic and evocative places in the city, in a complex process of architectural recovery and historical and cultural revaluation. and commercial.

Spanning through various genres and cultural proposals, in over thirty years of history, Effetto Venezia has hosted artists, personalities and companies of great names, becoming the most awaited event of the summer in Livorno. A moment of attraction and fun for both the resident population and many tourists, but also an important stage for many emerging artists, local and not, always in the name of the identity enhancement of the city and its territory.

Today, Effetto Venezia is an established and recognized brand that arouses considerable interest and that each year attracts a large, diversified audience, both from Tuscany and the rest of Italy. In 2015, thanks also to a careful review of the format, with over 3 million euros of induced activities and 150,000 admissions, it once again confirmed that it is a precious economic resource for the entire city and a promotional vehicle of great value under the tourist and cultural profile.

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